3 September 2015

107 – The Thing About Copyrights…

Recorded 24 July, 2009 On this episode of With A Voice Like This: At Any Rate Almost the entire show is about rights, how artists can and do use them, how managers use them and how big business uses them as well. A great example of how artists can take control of what’s happening comes […]

105 – Multing, Usenet and CD Baby Twins

Recorded 7 July 2009 The topics on this week’s show include: 4-AM I talk about the recording 4-AM did the previous Wednesday and the technique called multing. what it is, how it works and my general feelings on its use. At Any Rate This show’s At Any Rate is all about the June 30 Ruling […]

091 – Subbing, Common Cents and a Blog

Recorded 17 February 2009 4-AM I share the high points of a discussion 4-AM had about training a couple of swing singers (substitutes) when one of the four of us can’t be around for a gig. At Any Rate A look at Retailers reporting sales to CD Baby The sliding scale for paid listens at […]

087 – News and Upcoming Stuff

Recorded 20 January 2009 On this episode of  With A Voice Like This: 4-AM We’re preparing for the show Way Off Broadway, to be performed on March 10 See the details at 4-AM.net [Update from the recorded show: Originally the dates were March 10 & 11, but the 11th was canceled since the show was […]

086 – Interview with Derek Sivers

Recorded 13 January 2009 This show is a great talk with Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby and beyond. We start with his  background and well, there are so many great topics covered that it wouldn’t do the show any justice to try and summarize here. So listen to the show and all the links […]